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Since January 2012, property owners have received a new sewer testing in Oakland requirement concerning their private sewer laterals. This is the pipe running from your home to the public sewer system. If your piping is clogged, old, damaged by tree roots, or otherwise not functioning, you are facing potential costs for fixing or replacing that piping.

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An Oakland sewer test determines if your Oakland property has a sound PSL or if it requires repair or replacement. The upside is this — you can meet this responsibility with a PSL certificate for 20 years. Get peace of mind — knowing the frequency of this property owner obligation will not come around for a generation.

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You might wonder how to afford an Oakland sewer test. Choose a private plumbing contractor specializing in Oakland sewer testing that performs appropriate testing and performs any methods to repair or replace sewer laterals to satisfy this new ordinance.

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Who Must Meet the East Bay Sewer Lateral Ordinance?
The obligation for Oakland Sewer Testing under the East Bay Regional Private Sewer Lateral ordinance is something to plan for under three different circumstances. You might need a PSL certificate for (a) the purchase of a home, (b) renovations exceeding $100,000, and (c) asking the city to change the size of your water meter.

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Explore sewer testing in Oakland expenses before buying an East Bay MUD home. This company offers a free video camera inspection of your PSL line, meaning you pay nothing for evaluating the property’s PSL condition. Also, the current or former property owner may have met this requirement.

By meeting your obligation under the East Bay MUD ordinance, you will help the Bay Area make long-needed upgrades to its old sewer infrastructure. By practicing smart disposal practices, you can also avoid creating future problems. Don’t dump anything down kitchen drains, bath drains, and toilets that will create blockages. Don’t flush solid waste, cigarettes, feminine sanitary products, paper wipes, grease, and other food wastes down your toilets.

Your EBMUD private sewer lateral is an integral component of the area’s sewer system. If you do your part and contact a reputable EBMUD plumbing contractor and obtain a PSL certificate, you will not face this cost for the next two decades. Help the San Francisco Bay Area maintain high health and sanitation levels for future generations. Schedule a free Oakland video camera inspection of your PSL today!

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